Why Mobile Grooming?

Features of Our Mobile Salon

Designed and built by Wag'n Tails Request a  Grooming Appointment ; a Indiana based company that specializes in self contained mobile salons. Fresh hot and cold water on board Electricity on board run by a quiet gas powered generator Full size bathing tub Massaging hydro surge bathing and shampoo systems Full size hydraulic grooming table Central clipper vacuum system Roof top air conditioning Surround sound stereo system for your pets listening pleasure All state-of-the art, sterilized equipment High quality, natural shampoo and conditions

Mobile Grooming is All

About Care & Convenience!

The greatest advantage to mobile grooming is your convenience and the greatest asset Groomin’ K9s brings is outstanding professional service and care. Other grooming options waste time, money, and causes unnecessary stress on your pet.  Some of these stresses are from being left at an unfamiliar place, kept in cages, and surrounded by other animals. We eliminate these common issues by coming to your home or any other convenient location with our mobile salon.  No cages, car ride, exposure to other dogs, diseases, germs or parasites.  It is also less stressful for owners who no longer need to get off work and wait in line to pick up anxious pets.  Every animal we groom gets our undivided attention with no distractions. Each pet is handled personally and hand washed, dried, and groomed. We love animals and genuinely want them to enjoy the experience and provide them with the best care and grooming possible.
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We come to your home or office, saving you time in  your busy work schedule No running the dog to the groomer and picking them up Less stress for your pet No car rides to work up anxiety for those that don’t travel well No exposure to other dogs to avoid germs and diseases Not caged for long hours Perfect for senior pets or those with major health conditions Personalized one-on-one attention for your pet’s needs
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